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On the behalf of the International Federation of the Shock Societies (IFSS), we cordially invite and welcome you to join us for the 10th IFSS Congress which is scheduled on June 22-25, 2023, in Guangzhou, China. This congress will be held in conjunction with the Fifth International Forum on Shock and Sepsis, Annual Conference of Shock and Sepsis Society of Chinese Research Hospital Association, and the Fourth Meeting of Critical Care Medicine Society of Guangdong Association of Pathophysiology, China.

Commencing with its activity in 1987 in Montreal, Canada, the IFSS has been active since the inception. The purpose of the IFSS is to promote cooperation between existing societies for research in the areas of shock, trauma, sepsis, or other relevant fields and the clinical practice. We are pleased and honored to be given the opportunity to host the 10th IFSS congress in China, where research on shock and sepsis has undergone a notable development both in basic science and in clinical aspect. Following the great success of the congress in Chania, Greece, in 2019 with afocus on hemorrhagic shock and associated complications, we are looking forward to an exchange of our experience and latest progress in Guangzhou, China, with a focus on translational research for shock, sepsis, and multiple organ dysfunction. 

Important and novel scientific advancements will be shared during plenary sessions, workshops, and oral as well as poster presentations. The scientific program will be extended by special topic sessions organized in collaboration with our partners.

We aspire for an exciting and successful congress which will only be possible through your active participation, especially to include not only diversity of scientific pursuits but also diverse cultures. Given the uncertainty of resumption plan for international flights from different countries to China, a hybrid format mainly in person together with virtual event might be used for the meeting.
The 10th IFSS Congress Organizing Committee cordially invites you to submit abstracts. Please carefully read the guidelines before submitting your abstract by March 31, 2023 through the online submission system available on the website
We look forward to your active support and seeing you in Guangzhou, China.
Best regards

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